Shaolin Harness
Shaolin Harness
Shaolin Harness
Shaolin Harness
Shaolin Harness
Shaolin Harness

Shaolin Harness

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A lightweight fall arrest and work positioning harness.


  • This harness benefits from new technology in the PRO range: WEB CORE technology provides exceptional levels of comfort thanks to optimal pressure distribution on hips and thighs. WEB CORE is a wide, thin and lightweight piece of webbing laser cut to the shape of the harness. This results in a more compact, lightweight and above all more comfortable harness.
  • Its ergonomic construction allows a large range of movement.
  • The low position of the ventral attachment point yields maximum progression when ascending ropes, whilst its large diameter provides the space for multiple connection to be made i.e. ascenders, connectors, descender and lanyards.
  • Two ways of attaching equipment:
  • A large ring provides the space for multiple karabiners and lanyards to be connected and accessed easily during a rescue.
  • Two textile attachment points for connecting lanyards metallic devices on both sides of the ring.
  • 2 lateral attachment points EN 358.
  • 1 dorsal attachment point for winching.
  • A handle can be fitted at the back for rescue use.
  • 5 gear organisers, 4 gear loops and 6 fabric loops to connect parts of the WORK STATION range.
  • Replaceable rear elastics on leg loops.
  • Traceability via an identification area with QR code which allows a personal identifier to be generated (your name and unique ID).
  • Compatible with the AIR TOP and YPSILON chest harness to create a full body harness EN 361.



Small: 700g
M/L: 760g
XL: 760g





Waist fit

Small: 60-100cm M/L: 72-120cm XL: 85-140cm

Leg fit

Small: 42-60cm M/L: 52-70cm XL: 57-75cm

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