Shaman Lace
Shaman Lace

Shaman Lace

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The Shaman lace was designed for the climber that has one thing in mind: edging power. The structure of the vegan synthetic upper and stiff heel rand forces your toes forward into a power position creating a shoe that begs to stand on small features on a steep face. The love bump midsole places your toes into a crimped power position, while the knuckle box provides room, so you do not smash your toes against the top of the toe rand, these two features work in parallel to eliminates dead space under your toes and creates a comfortable and powerful sensation out of the box. The asymmetric lacing system provides a custom fit for a wide variety of foot shapes.


  • Vegan Friendly Synthetic - Synthratek VX synthetic upper
  • Love Bump - Fills dead space under your toes while putting much needed energy towards the edging surface
  • Aggressive Down-Chambered Arch and Downturned Toe Profile - For maximum performance
  • Knuckle Box - Makes room for your big toe knuckle to rest in a curled position without having to push fabric and rubber out of the way which causes hot spots in other shoes
  • Split Tongue - Gives maximum comfort and easy on and off
  • Asymmetric lacing system - provides a custom fit for a wide variety of foot shapes and improved edging power
  • Split Outsole- For flexibility through the arch
  • Molded VTR - Our Variable Thickness Rand (VTR) system puts thinner rand rubber in areas to reduce pressure points and hot spots around the foot as well as thicker rubber for increased longevity in the high wear zones near the toe for durability and performance
  • TRAX® SAS - Best friction plus maximum durability



255g avg per shoe


Downturned Asymmetric






MX-P: 1mm Half Rubber midsole & Dark Spine heel midsole


4.2mm TRAX® SAS


VTR (Thicker Front Toe Area)

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