We are very excited to announce that come March 2024 we will be the official distributor of LifeStraw products in Australia.


At LifeStraw, we believe everyone deserves equitable access to safe drinking water, our intent is to meet this basic human need and is what drives us to build our products. We design beautiful, simple, and functional products that provide the highest protection from unsafe water based on where and how they will be used.

Our LifeStraw water filter redefines safe drinking water through cutting edge water filtration technology, innovation, product quality, and design. We innovate technology powerful enough to prevent some of the most harmful diseases and emerging contaminants in the world and we back it with the most rigorous testing in the business. We have been partners in the fight for the eradication of Guinea worm for 25 years, and we actively respond to emergencies across the globe.


Your purchase has impact, we are a humanitarian company that gives back. LifeStraw’s Give Back program ensures that for every product sold, a child in need receives safe water for an entire year. Since its inception in 2014, the LifeStraw Give Back program has provided over 6 million kids with a year of safe water. What makes this program unique is the long term investment in local communities. The program is run by 40 local staff, primarily in western Kenya.

Invested in doing Good

Responsibility to people and the planet, as a Climate Neutral Certified B Corp, we recognise our responsibility to positively impact people and planet through our products, programs, and actions. We strive to develop products that reduce waste and we recognise our obligation to measuring our footprint and minimising our environmental impact. We also commit to ensuring that respect, diversity, inclusion and equity are a conscious part of all of our work.


In 1986, when the Carter Center began their work fighting the Guinea worm disease, there were 3.5 million cases in 21 countries. In 1994, a partnership with LifeStraw introduced a simple mesh filter to remove the larvae from drinking water, at the time there were over 100,000 cases in 18 countries. By 2020, LifeStraw donated 390,500 filters and by the end of 2021, there were only 15 human cases reported in 4 countries. Since the partnership’s inception, LifeStraw has provided more than 40 million filters.


All LifeStraw products start with advanced hollow fiber membrane technology. What the heck is that? Well, picture bundles of straws with microscopic holes in them, so small that organisms like bacteria, parasites, and even dirt and microplastics cannot pass through. Think of a super advanced spaghetti strainer or tea sieve.

What about viruses, lead, chemicals and taste?
We use combinations of different additional filtration technologies to meet the need of different use cases like travelers, outdoor adventurers, in-home use, etc.