GoKit Deluxe
GoKit Deluxe
GoKit Deluxe
GoKit Deluxe

GoKit Deluxe

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Bulletproof in the backcountry yet civilised enough for around town, humangear’s GoKit line offers the best mess kits to be used around the campsite, picnic blanket, bonfire, or tailgate. The GoKit plate and bowl feature a simple yet secure integrated locking mechanism. Other mess kits make you fiddle around with flimsy, rubber straps that break or get lost. Life’s too short and we’re hungry people! With GoKit, you just unclick the two halves so you’re eating in no time. Holes in the plate handles make it a cinch to attach a carabiner and hang a GoKit on the outside of your bag. The humangear GoKit has a number of subtle features to make your eating experience just that much better. The side handles on the plate and bowl make them easy to hold. Interior volume markings on the bowl and cup help you measure fluids when preparing meals or drinks. Thermal ribs on the base of the bowl help you hold onto that hot soup or chili with ease. And high-gloss surfaces make cleanup a quick rinse or wipe away.


  • The best meal kit begins with the best spork — the award-winning GoBites Uno. Wonderful to hold, effortless to use, and so unbreakable we guarantee it for life. The Uno snaps inside the plate for rattle free transport. We even matched the bottoms of the containers to the Uno spoon profile so you can be sure to scrape up every last bit of your nosh.
  • Sometimes you just need a toothpick (that corn on the cob is a killer!). We added a handy toothpick that has a secure place to snap in on the outer edge of the plate.
  • The new cupCUP has two states— a double-wall insulated mug, complete with a press-fit sipping lid, or as two separate cups. The mug mode is great to keep your coffee warm on those chilly mornings, and the two cups are great when you want some snacks and a drink at the same time.
  • The hole on the GoKit plate is an easy way for you to tether the GoKit to the outside of a bag. It also doubles as a lock — the GoKit can’t be opened when it’s hanging from a pack.
  • As always, all components are FDA food-safe, BPA-free, and PC-free, and they’re all backed by humangear’s lifetime warranty.






Packed size

6.6 x 19 x 24cm

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