Trash Dry Sack
Trash Dry Sack

Trash Dry Sack

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The inspiration for our Trash Dry Sack comes from our love for untouched outdoor spaces, Leave No Trace principles and our general appreciation for the environment. Whether car camping, backpacking, cycle touring, hanging at the crag or out for a daily adventure, this sack allows you to easily clean up after yourself. Featuring a unique roll-top closure that accepts a disposable (biodegradable) garbage bag liner, our 10 litre Trash Dry Sack prevents leakage while transporting. Clip-in loops allow it to be hung from a tree or attached to the outside of a pack. Pack it in, pack it out and always Leave No Trace.


  • Oval base gives flatter shape when attached to packs or kayaks
  • Daisy chain webbing and clip loops for easy attachment
  • Waterproof non-wicking roll-top closure for drip-free carrying
  • Lightweight, 70D waterproof Nylon fabric
  • Double stitched and tape seam sealed
  • Uses any disposable garbage bag as liner
  • Min. Garbage Bag Size: 40 x 60cm
  • Product supports Leave No Trace ethics





34 x 5 x 44cm


100% Nylon

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