Detour Stainless Steel Kettle Cook Set - [3 Piece]
Detour Stainless Steel Kettle Cook Set - [3 Piece]
Detour Stainless Steel Kettle Cook Set - [3 Piece]

Detour Stainless Steel Kettle Cook Set - [3 Piece]

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Whatever your preferred means of travel the Detour Stainless Steel Kettle set gives you a coffee or tea break like home, even when you're in the outdoors. The 1.6L stainless steel and silicone kettle heats up quickly on any type of camping stove. Double glass-reinforced nylon 66 handles ensure you won't spill a drop when creating gourmet coffee or a refined cup of tea, and the pop-up stainless steel and silicone cups round out the ensemble. The kettle also makes a great small cookpot for your serious gourmet creations.


  • Ample 1.6L capacity to server two or more people
  • Components are BPA-free and certified to EU food-grade standards
  • Innovative design enables the kettle to collapse down to 63mm (2.5") tall for storage or expand to a full-function 1.6L kettle
  • Stainless steel base for and lid for durability and efficient heat distribution
  • Double handles made of glass-reinforced nylon 66 for a more precision pour
  • Lid features an easy to hold grip and a silicone rubber LidKeep to conveniently clip the lid to the rim of the kettle
  • Includes two mugs with Cool Grip silicone rubber sidewalls
  • Sea to Summit Guarantee is offered for the Lifetime of this product





61% 304 Stainless Steel + 35% Silicone + 4% Glass Reinforced Nylon


1.6L Kettle w/ 2 Mugs

Packed dimensions

18 x 17 x 5.8cm

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