Trail Run Lightweight T2 Merino Sport ¾ Crew
Trail Run Lightweight T2 Merino Sport ¾ Crew
Trail Run Lightweight T2 Merino Sport ¾ Crew

Trail Run Lightweight T2 Merino Sport ¾ Crew

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For serious runners who like to explore the worlds trails at a faster pace. The Trail Run Lightweight Merino Sport has T2 targeted microcushioning combined with ventilation for the perfect balance of protection and comfort on the toughest terrain. Merino Sport Fusion Technology provides resilient padding, moisture wicking, odour control and outstanding durability on the trails. The Sport Fit gives supportive compression for stability and balance around the ankle and mid foot and the zero debris cuff gives an extended close fit to prevent debris getting in and this means your sock won’t slip down or bunch in your footwear. The natural toe box is wide and un-restrictive, allowing your toes to splay when running and the reinforced seam prevents splits and blow outs when descending. Built on a structure of LYCRA® and set by our Thermo Fit process ensuring the sock returns to its original shape and size after every wash. These socks deliver fantastic comfort for running whether on or off the trails.


  • A world first yarn, LYCRA Dry is an innovative yarn that helps bring long-lasting fit with the comfort of dry feet
  • Supportive compression from the cuff through the arch improves Proprioception (joint position awareness) around the ankle and mid foot aiding stability and improving balance
  • Zero debris cuff is an extended, close-fitting cuff to prevent debris entering the sock
  • Reinforced toe box to avoid splits holes & blow outs when descending
  • Wide and un-restrictive, a natural toe box allows toes to splay naturally
  • Bridgedale’s open mesh structure reduces insulation and promotes easy moisture transportation
  • ShockZone: an advanced zonal padding system that provides extra support and comfort to areas of the foot and leg
  • T2: a loop within a loop that offers an additional level of impact protection resulting in all day long comfort
  • Thermo setting every Bridgedale sock ensures a perfect fit. Wash after wash the sock returns to its designed size ensuring a perfect fit every time
  • Moisture management system allows the transfer of moisture away from the surface of the skin to keep feet warm, dry and comfortable
  • An almost invisible toe seam closes the toe box, creating a comfortable, flat seam that doesn't create excess bulk or cause irritation
  • Y-heel creates a 3D-shaped heel cup that prevents excess bulk and slippage which helps to ensure comfort




Euro size

SMALL - 36-39
MEDIUM - 40-43
LARGE - 44-47
X LARGE - 48+


• Overfoot Ventilation
• Shock Zones
• Anti-Shock Cushioning
• Sport Fit
• Zero Debris Cuff
• Toe Guard
• Natural Toe Spread

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