Pack Tap
Pack Tap
Pack Tap
Pack Tap
Pack Tap
Pack Tap
Pack Tap
Pack Tap
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Hang this from a tree at the campsite and you have bulk water—Litreally on tap! Multiple lash points allow you to hang or secure the Pack Tap in many spots. They can be rolled and squeezed into tight spaces and the tough 300D Polyester exterior offers high abrasion resistance. A double layer tough Mylar bladder holds your water (or wine) safely and the self-closing tap can be easily operated with one hand.


  • Double layer tough Mylar bladder
  • Tough 300D Polyester exterior
  • Easy one-handed valve operation
  • Security cap on tap
  • Food-safe, taste-free
  • Flexible and foldable for compact packing
  • Durable anchor points for secure attachment



2L: 108g
4L: 114g
6L: 124g
10L: 192g


2L: 32.5 x 2.5 x 32.5cm
4L: 37 x 3 x 37cm
6L: 44.5 x 3 x 44.5cm
10L: 51 x 3.5 x 51cm


Colour: 100% Nylon
Black: 100% Polyester
Waterbag: 50% Aluminium Film, 50% PE

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