Moji+ Lantern
Moji+ Lantern
Moji+ Lantern
Moji+ Lantern
Moji+ Lantern
Moji+ Lantern
Moji+ Lantern
Moji+ Lantern

Moji+ Lantern

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Compact and lightweight, the Moji + is a lantern that can go anywhere, from family camping trips to big wall adventures. Using our two-button interface with 200 lumens of solid or strobing white light, a full rainbow spectrum of color, a relaxing campfire lighting mode and 4 magnets for quick, on the go attachment, the Moji + is the packable lantern to always keep with you. Powered with BD’s Dual Fuel technology, the lantern can run on alkaline batteries or with a rechargeable BD 1500 Li-Ion battery (purchased separately) for ultimate versatility and compatibility.


  • Dual-Fuel: Maximum flexibility to utilize either the rechargeable Lithium Ion BD 1500 battery or Alkaline cells (not included)
  • 200 Lumen max output
  • Frosted globe creates even and bright usable light
  • Two button interface is easy to use and provides adjustable brightness, full spectrum color and campfire light modes for just the right light in any occasion
  • Set continuous cycle through rainbow colors with strobe and solid color modes for light driven campsite entertainment
  • Double-hook hang loop makes it easy to suspend in a tent
  • IPX 4 Stormproof: withstands rain and sleet from any angle



74g w/o batteries
107g w/ 3x AAA Alkaline
101.5g w/BD1500 Battery

Maximum burntime

High: 5.5h (Alkaline), 6.5h (BD1500 Battery)
Low: 120h (Alkaline), 120h (BD1500 Battery)



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