Expedition 3 Ski Poles
Expedition 3 Ski Poles

Expedition 3 Ski Poles

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A versatile four-season pole for skiing, hiking and hauling loads to advanced base camp, the Black Diamond Expedition 3 features dual FlickLocks for a full range of adjustability. This pole fits in your duffle when it’s time to lug your gear to the airport, and the updated foam grip adds comfort while the new soft touch, dual density grip-top grabs bindings and buckles with ease for quick adjustments. The Expedition 3 comes with powder baskets, so you can switch them out to match the season and the trip, and the new vari-width strap adds comfort and adjustability while moving through terrain.


  • 258 g (85-125cm)
  • 100% aluminum: 18 mm (.71 in) upper, 16 mm (.63 in) mid, and 14 mm (.55 in) lower
  • Four-season extended foam grip with aggressive hooking point for manipulating bars and buckles
  • Adjustable vari-width strap for ergonomic comfort with or without gloves
  • Dual FlickLock® adjustability
  • 100 mm (4 in) Powder Baskets
  • Indexed ferrule for 3/4 basket compatibility



125cm: 258g per pole
140cm: 275g per pole



Weight per pair

125cm: 516g
140cm: 550g

Collapsed length

125cm: 57cm
140cm: 62cm

Useable length

125cm: 85-125cm
140cm: 100-140cm

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