X-Set 21
X-Set 21
X-Set 21
X-Set 21
X-Set 21
X-Set 21
X-Set 21
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Our collapsible three-piece X-Set 21 is the perfect combination of packability and versatility in a solo camp cookware set. The X-Pot is made with a hard-anodised aluminium base and silicone side walls and is perfect for preparing all your camp meals with ease, including boiling water for drinks. The 1.4L X- Pot, X- Bowl and X- Mug set nests together to the size of a Frisbee-like disc, which saves space for more fun in your pack. The X-Pot 1.4L can also be a supporting pot in an X-Series cook system.


  • BPA-free, food-grade heat resistant silicone
  • Hard-anodised aluminium base on X-Pot absorbs maximum heat from the stove
  • Durable translucent pot lid with strainer
  • All pieces have measurements imprinted on the inside
  • Set includes: 1.4L X-Pot, one X-Bowl (pacific blue) & one X-Mug (grey)
  • Nesting set collapses to 40mm
  • Fits inside the X-Pot 4L
  • Silicone pot handles secure the lid to the pot for transport—attaching them to the lid during cooking will cause damage to the lid





Pouch: 100% Nylon Fabric + 100% Polyester Mesh
Mug Ring: 100% Nylon 66
Bowl Base: 100% Glass Refinced Nylon 66
Other: 100% Silicone


X-Pot 1.4L, 1 X-Bowl, 1 X-Mug

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