X-Set 11
X-Set 11
X-Set 11
X-Set 11
X-Set 11
X-Set 11
X-Set 11
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Collapsible cookware in the X-Set 11 is a game changer in how we pack for outdoor adventures. Using the same award-winning innovative, space-saving, collapsible and functional features as in the X-Pot, the X-Pot Kettle is made from a hard anodised aluminium base with collapsible silicone side walls, and glass reinforced Nylon 66 handles. This three-piece set will free-up space in your pack for other essentials and includes the X-Pot Kettle and two X-Mugs. It makes it the perfect two-person set for your morning hydration routine, a sustaining mug of oatmeal or a quick soup on the trail. The wide rim and stable handles allow the X-Pot Kettle to be used as a 1.3L pot with easy stirring. Sold separately, the X-Brew Coffee Dripper will nest inside this set.


  • BPA-free, food-grade heat resistant silicone
  • Wide, hard-anodised aluminium base on X-Pot Kettle absorbs maximum heat from the stove while protecting the silicone walls
  • X-Pot Kettle 0.8L safe boiling capacity
  • Two glass-reinforced Nylon 6-6 handles on X-Pot Kettle support the upper rim and improve control when pouring
  • All pieces have measurements imprinted on the inside
  • Set includes: X-Pot Kettle & two X-Mugs (blue and grey)
  • A silicone strap secures the set for ease of transport and storage
  • Collapses to 35mm
  • X-Set 11 fits inside the X-Pot 1.4L and X-Pot 2.8L as a compact cook system





Pouch: 100% Nylon Fabric + 100% Polyester Mesh
Mug Ring: 100% Nylon 66
Bowl Base: 100% Glass Refinced Nylon 66
Other: 100% Silicone


X-Pot Kettle 1.3L, 2 X-Mugs

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