Jungle Hammock Set
Jungle Hammock Set
Jungle Hammock Set
Jungle Hammock Set
Jungle Hammock Set
Jungle Hammock Set

Jungle Hammock Set

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The Jungle Hammock is a lightweight and easy-to-use sleep set-up. Combine it with our Jungle Hammock Tarp for a sheltered, bug-free suspended sleep. The Jungle Hammock is constructed using breathable 70D ripstop Nylon, high tenacity monofilament netting, corrosion-resistant anodised 6061 Aluminium buckles and Dyneema® webbing.


  • Lightweight and easy-to-use quick-connect buckle system
  • Durable and high-strength monofilament insect netting
  • Dry and compact storage, in a highly effective compression sack
  • Drip Guard, Stops rain running down webbing and saturating hammock body.
  • Zip access, 150cm zip access with two sliders and custom T-bars for ease of use.
  • Ridgeline pocket, Included on ridgeline for strong small items within reach.
  • Insect protection, ‘No-see-um’ grade monofilament Nylon-6 netting is lightweight without compromising durability.
  • Secure attachment, Dyneema® suspension straps feature a webbing-protector and a stainless steel carabiner for quick and easy set-up.
  • Compression sack, Made from water and abrasion resistant, lightweight CORDURA® Nylon fabric.





145 x 260 x 145cm


Hammock: 100% Nylon
Buckles: 100% Aluminium
Webbing: 50% Dyneema®, 50% Polyester
Compression Sack: 100% Nylon - excluding trims

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Packed dimensions

20 x 12 x 12cm

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